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About Prodigia

The studio is the result of years of interest and learning in the fields of both game design and electronics. As a relentless autodidact (sometimes to a fault), I have often been driven by fascination rather than practicality. Creating and dissecting systems, structures, and machines has provided endless amusement, but yielded little in terms of sensible applications useful to the world at large.

This is the focused and intentional effort to change that. To be sure, it’s still a narrow niche, but we are at the precipice of a technological revolution. We need all hands on deck to shape the future of immersive technologies, and when that future is vague and unexplored, it is those driven by passion that lead the charge.

I know there is much to learn and much to work on. The road ahead is shrouded in uncertainty, but my greatest hope is that endeavoring to bring this journey out of the isolation of the workshop and into the public eye will help to spread that fascination.

And if I’m very lucky, it may help give this endeavor sufficient sustainability to bring a meaningful value to VR gamers and content creators who want to bring their experiences into the unforgettable future that awaits.

Whatever happens, thank you for coming along for the ride.

– Gareth

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